BCG 2nd Edition -TB vaccine- Application against tuberculosis and other diseases


BCG 2nd Edition -TB vaccine- Application against tuberculosis and other diseases



Edited by

Takemasa Takii, Ph.D.

Jun-ichi Maeyama, Ph.D.

Saburo Yamamoto,PhD.

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  Ten yeas have passed since the publication of the first edition, and there have been many advances in our understanding of the BCG vaccine. Hence, we  added contents about the safety and use of the BCG vaccine and its application to other diseases in this second edition, in addition to a revision of the contents of the first edition. The authors of this book are experts in the fields of BCG and TB research. 


  This book is the only book that covers basic, clinical and epidemiologic studies of the BCG vaccine systematically. No other book covers the TB vaccine so comprehensively, from its birth up to future vaccine development. Finally, TB is not a past disease and has not been eradicated yet, it can still be considered a pandemic. We would be extremely thankful if this book is useful for persons engaged in the eradication of TB by helping them futher their understanding of  the TB vaccine and its future prospects.

Chapter 1 Historical background of Mycobacterium bovis BCG
  Mary Jackson and Saburo Yamamoto
Chapter 2  BCG vaccination in control of tuberculosis  
 Toru Mori
Chapter 3  BCG characterization 
 Mei Mei Ho
Chapter 4  Report of the efficacy and safety for percutaneous use of BCG
 vaccine prepared from Tokyo 172-1 strain
 Shizuko Nakata, Katsutoshi Oshima, Naoki Nakada, et al
Chapter 5  Adverse reactions after vaccination with Bacille Calmette-Guérin
 Osamu Tokunaga
Chapter 6  Animal models in BCG-induced resistance to tuberculosis
 David N. McMurray
Chapter 7  Immunological characteristics of two subpopulations of BCG
 Tokyo 172 with different RD16 regions in a guinea pig model of 
 pulmonary tuberculosis
 Toshiko Yamamoto, Christine McFarland, Lan Ly, et al
Chapter 8  Lipid phenotypes of BCG strains and their host responses
 Nagatoshi Fujiwara
Chapter 9  Development of new TB vaccines
 Takemasa Takii
Chapter 10  Recombinant BCG vaccines
 Kazuhiro Matsuo
Chapter 11  Toxicity study for BCG Tokyo, Danish, and Pasteur substrains
 in SCID mice
 Kazuhiro Matsuo
Chapter 12  Mechanisms of action of intravesical BCG therapy for nonmuscle
 invasive bladder cancer
 Timothy L. Ratlif
Chapter 13  Beneficial off-target effects of the BCG vaccine: type 1 diabetes
 and beyond
 Hiroyuki Takahashi and Denise L. Faustman
Chapter 14  Bacterial factors regulating M. tuberculosis infection and persistence
 Akihito Nishiyama and Sohkichi Matsumoto
Chapter 15  Host and bacterial factors regulating Mycobacterium tuberculosis
 infection and persistence
 Yuriko Ozeki, Mamiko Niki, and Sohkichi Matsumoto
Chapter 16  Genetic diversity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and its impact on
 adaptive evolution, vaccination efficacy, and population dynamics
 Takayuki Wada
Chapter 17  Efficacy of BCG vaccination against leprosy and nontuberculous
 mycobacteria (NTM) infections
 Naoya Ohara
Chapter 18  Administration methods of BCG vaccine and adjuvants
 Jun-ichi Maeyama